7 Ways to Feel More Confident


It’s the beginning of a New Year and even if you don’t make resolutions, feeling confident about your physical appearance is something we all struggle with. If you’re like most of us, it starts during the teenage years. This can be very difficult to overcome. We tend to get more confidence as we grow older, this doesn’t always apply to how we feel about the way we look. Here are some things we can all do to improve ourselves. 

     Go to the gym

Not only will you be able to tone up, but you’ll feel better about yourself knowing that you’re working hard to achieve something and actually use your body. Exercise releases endorphins too which will naturally make you feel happier. 

     Make a list of things you like about yourself

You probably already have a mental list of the things you don’t like about your appearance, but what about the things you do like? There’s always at least one thing that people like about themselves, so spend half an hour looking in the mirror and making your list. 

     Change the things you can

Rather than dwelling on the things you don’t like about yourself, recognize the ones you have some control over and start changing them bit by bit. If you bite your fingernails and don’t like the look of your hands, stop biting them and start looking after them more. If you don’t like your hair, look into options for different styles and colors.

    Surround yourself with positive people

Don’t surround yourself with people who talk negatively about themselves or about you and other people. Talking to people who constantly put themselves down can make you feel worse about yourself too.


You can feel better about yourself if you take time to relax and look after your body. Take part in meditation classes, go for regular massages, have a bath at the end of a long day or treat yourself to some new cosmetic products.

    Buy a new wardrobe

You can feel bad about the way you look if you’re wearing old clothes or clothes which don’t fit you properly anymore. Go out with a friend one weekend and buy yourself a new wardrobe for the upcoming season.

    Smile more

When you smile more, you will automatically become more attractive, both to yourself when you look in the mirror and to the people around you. This will lead to more compliments which will always boost your self-confidence and make you feel better about yourself. You don’t have to take big steps to change you life in 2018. Start with some of the easy ones and add to them in six months. Sometimes we jump right in expect too much of ourselves. Have a great and peaceful year, while you become a new you.