Faith as a Friend



Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.– Hebrews 11:1 (NIV)

 When I start a devotional, an anthology piece, or a children’s story, I don’t know where or how long it is going to take to get my desired results. I have stories that were written years ago, when my girls were babies. It’s hard to throw those pieces of myself away. It becomes harder and harder to keep faith in my writing. However, I keep plugging along and nurturing my writing by gaining knowledge from more seasoned writers. In those moments, when anxiety floods my mind, I take time to refresh my perspective. I’ll lean back in my recliner, (that’s why I have a lap top) and ask for guidance. Only God’s unseen strength can fill my heart and give me the courage to keep on writing.

 Do you have those anxious moments? We all do. However, faith is a powerful friend because in the isolation of our writing life, we can gain new confidence. Because we may not talk to too many people day after day and we may worry about what tomorrow holds for us in our writing life. That’s why faith becomes our friend, probably our best friend. Our anxiety gets us nowhere. We can’t change what might be. We need to take time each day to get a fresh perspective. Keep your hope in the unseen. God may reward you with great words for the world. We have it in us, we just have to get it out into the world.

 Lord in our isolation help us keep our faith in you. Help us find the words to touch those who read them. Remind us that you are there as our friend and will calm the anxieties that flood our souls. We lean on our faith in you for the confidence and fresh perspective we need each time we sit down to write. Amen