Do Not Be Shaken

Jesus-comforts_web-150x150I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken. Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; my body also will rest secure, – Psalm 16:8-9 (NIV)

I am constantly worried about the future of my children and grandchildren.  Talking to other grandparents, I know I’m not the only one. We’ve always had upheaval and uncertainty in our country, but not living in our country. The situation now days seems so much worse. So much is coming at us at once, we don’t know who to rely on or who is our friend. All the anger and shouting around us fuels our confusion. We look at strangers as enemies and they are doing the same. When I sit down to write, whether it’s on Facebook or emails, I try to let my words reflect optimism for a secure future. Sometimes that little gesture of checking a like or sharing a post spreads more meanness than words can to another. I am ashamed to admit I am guilty of that at some of my weaker moments.

This psalm is telling us that our security is felt in our heart. We will be prepared, when we put the Lord in the situation. These situations can cause us great anxiety. However, when we see the Lord in our circumstances, we gain confidence and peace. Because of this we will not be shaken. We have been given all that we need and will see beyond our immediate problems, when we focus our thoughts on Him. We can rest secure even in the most challenging situations. Rejoice with good and friendly words in our hearts, writing, and in our voices.

Lord help us to see beyond the challenging situations that are here and coming in the future. Whether they are personal or global, we know you at our side. We will not be shaken because you are at our right hand. Our hearts can once more be happy, while our tongues and writing rejoice in your love for us.

Believe In Yourself

Believe in Yourself

“If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.” Mark 9:23

 There are times I lack confidence, when I explain my views to others? I make a lot of rewrites , creating a greater lack of confidence in the worth of my writing. God doesn’t want me writing under those conditions God wants strength in my words. I don’t always remember He will help me put conviction in my writing. He wants me to believe in what I am writing. If I don’t believe in my myself or my opinions enough to convince others, how can he support me? I have to do my part by believing and  he will guide my words and convictions.

 If you have this problem in your writing life, remember you have your own private editor. If you feel you are being prompted to edit your words, do so. Be led by the spirit. It will never fail you. Don’t write by countering another’s opinion, to back up your opinion. If we are confident in our beliefs, we won’t feel the need defend them or convince others. Our opinion should stand on its merit. Some people will never believe in what we say, but that’s okay. Give people time to hear the message, time to think and time to understand

 Lord, help us believe you will guide our words. Please give us the confidence in our words and be our guide.

Receive God’s Mercy and Grace


Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.” Hebrews 4:16 (NIV)

During one of our visits to the oncologist’s office and I was writing on my laptop. While Jim received his chemo treatment, he worked on a word puzzle with tubes in his arm and bags hanging from a pole. Despite the dreadful situation, it was quiet. I think it was the only time we didn’t have noise around us to blot out the thoughts that silently invaded our minds. Glancing at the other couples in their cubicles I realized we weren’t alone during this life change. I pray they are as confident as I am that God’s mercy will give us all  peace in our time of need. I have confidence that God is walking with us each step of the way.

Are you going through a hard time or life changing period? Approach God with the confidence that He will help you though the turbulence and confusion. Not knowing the future will drive us to distraction, so we have to live one day or maybe even one moment at a time depending on where we are in our struggle. We need to Live life prayerfully and with confidence in God’s care and comfort. Will our outcome be the one we are praying for,  maybe not? We, however, have to hold onto the belief the outcome will be good and that all is part of a greater plan that we might never understand. I keep the picture above in my heart and mind. If I can’t imagine Jesus holding me in his arms and comforting me, I might collapse.

Lord, give us the energy, grace and confidence rely on your strength, when we have none of our own. Give us you mercy and help us in our time of need.