Noble Plans

But the noble make noble plans, and by noble deeds they stand. Isaiah 32 NIV

God gives me the privilege of planning each and every day. This is the beginning of the New Year and there is no better time to revisit my old writing plans and create new ones. As I look toward the future, I want my writing to honor God, as well as others. My plans should include ways to bless others with my writing and things I do. I have been preparing the way by cleaning out emails, unsubscribing from emails, organizing projects and general cleanup. Even these honor God because I am preparing the way to honor Him with my writing by being prepared. Something I am not noted for. However, each morning, I need to pray, allow the Holy Spirit to guide me in following my well-intentioned plans, and by allowing God to lead my way. If I do, God will empower me to do them. That’s the most amazing thing about faith. I have faith in God and He places His faith in me.

God gives you the privilege of planning your life and writing life each day, too. However, He wants that alone time with Him each morning. Remember that “Our God is a jealous God.”.  He wants you to center your plans around His plans. Pray and He will listen. Our actions or inactions show God we are waiting for His lead. He expects us to follow-up our plans with deeds. Having the ideas and not following through is not honoring God or ourselves. No matter what we write, we are responsible for our words and deeds. You have the privilege of creating new and noble plans or plans that won’t withstand God’s desire for us as writers. Follow His lead.

Lord, help us to put You first in our plans and deeds each day. We want to honor You and ourselves in our actions and our words. Listen to our prayers and guide us each day. Amen

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