We are Corrupt Creatures

Fools are persons who have no true wisdom, who follow their own devices, without regard to reason, or reverence for God. Children are reasonable creatures, and when we tell them what they must do, we must tell them why. But they are corrupt and willful, therefore with the instruction there is need of a law. Proverbs 1:7-9

One day my mom asked me why I always explained myself to my children. I told her it was because they needed to know why I wanted them to do something. It was kind of nice to see those words in this Bible verse. I love proverbs and psalms. My mother and I lived under the guidance of, “You do it because I told you to.” I wanted my children to know why I wanted or didn’t want them to do something. She told me many years later how proud she was of how I raised my girls. She didn’t do a bad job herself. I’ve seen and heard my girls using the same guidance in bringing up their children.

The bible and prayers that God has given you and gives us is the foundation, explanation, and  our Father’s guidance. He is guiding me and you with His words in the Bible. Without the comfort of his words, I know I could have been one of the many corrupt and willful children we see running around now. Even with the instruction, sometimes we have to lay down the law with our children. They and we need rules, too. We shouldn’t rely on following our own devices without reverence for God or His words. Ask for His guidance, I do. When I do, I am rewarded with a Bible verse or an unexpected wise word from someone else. Coincidence, I think not. God has raised reasonable creatures, too. When he asks us to do something, he explains why through His word. Watch for His wisdom daily and watch it build in your heart.

Lord let us always remember that Your wisdom is our wisdom. Help us to be reasonable children, who don’t follow a path separate from you. Amen