Sin Isn’t Hidden

For your ways are in full view of the Lord, and he examines all your paths. Proverbs 5:21

I had a deep love for the Lord from an early age. As a small child it was ingrained in me that God is always watching me. My parents would say, “He knows what you’re doing even if we don’t.”  The church and my parents modified my behavior. I was called “Goody Two Shoes” by three my brothers, but if God was watching me I didn’t want to disappoint him. As I grew older, I had those moments where I rebelled.  When I did commit what my young mind considered a sin, I immediately said, “Sorry, God.” Even then I knew God would accept my apology.  I could start new from that moment and promise to do better. He probably just smiled, because He already knew, I couldn’t help my sinfulness. I am human and he knew I would be back again. And I was. Unfortunately, I let my anger or snide remarks be brought out by Facebook. Bad choice and I’m trying to modify myself, but sometimes it feels so good, but it’s not. Sorry, God.

Did you realize you can’t hide your sin from God? We may be able to hide it from other humans, but not from God. He not only sees what we do, but He sees why we do it. He let’s us learn from our mistakes. Nothing escapes His view. However, all we have to do is  to cry out for mercy and apologize. Without this childlike realization, we are still held captive to our sin. We will constantly berate ourselves for humanness, instead of owning up and apologizing. Our connection with Jesus has set us free of sin. But the only way He can release our sinful chains is if we are willing to admit that we have sinned. That’s the hard part for us, but none of us is sinless and we know it.

Lord, help us to realize that even our small sins affect others. Help us come to you, when we realize we have sinned. Give us the courage to apologize and face our wrongs. Help us to be better humans. Amen

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