Fourth Sunday of Lent

He put clay on my eyes, and I washed, and now I can see.” So some of the Pharisees said, “This man is not from God, because he does not keep the Sabbath.” 

This struck a cord with me because no matter how much good I try to do, or how much I try, there’s always someone ready to find fault. It can be an innocent opinion I give, which I never allowed myself to do before. Someone always jumps in and criticizes me. Once a criticism is thrown out to the world, it’s hard to take it back. When I try to explain, they make it a cover up. A lot of things are on  the internet right now angering everyone. People’s reputations are being torn apart. Jesus performed miracles and because he did, he was feared. All that was seen was that he broke a rule.

With all the rhetoric that is being thrown around on the internet, do you find yourself being drawn into the divisiveness. I sometimes do, but try to be respectful, or just share the post I’ve received without a comment. I try to comment sparingly. If like me you have fallen into this trap periodically make sure you have all the facts before you pass it along. We can’t even say we saw it on the news. We’re finding out the news can be bias too. Don’t be like the Pharisees and wash out the goodness by repeating the bad.We need to wash the clay from our eyes, so we can see the goodness in life once again. Use the rest of the Lent season to help wash away your biases.

Lord we pray for you to help us be aware of the goodness in the things around us. Remind us to live in each moment with  goodness. Give us strength to not be like the Pharisees by putting down the goodness of others. 

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