But Lord, Forgiving is Hard





“Lord, if another member of the church sins against me, how often should I forgive?” —Matthew 18:21

I try to be a forgiving person because I know I definitely need be forgiven at times. Right now I need forgiveness from a dear friend. I hurt her heart and it doesn’t seem to be mending. I have come the conclusion it may never heal. I will have to accept that and remember the good memories I have of her. I do not want to harbor anger toward her. However, no matter how hurt we may be, we are called to be a forgiving people.

If you have been hurt by someone and are harboring anger and hurt, please reach out to them. If distance is a problem like mine because I live in NYS and she in Washington State, try hard, but distance makes it harder. She will always be part of my family and long distance separation has caused a break in our communication. Speaking on the phone doesn’t give us the opportunity to read into another person’s feelings. Opening our hearts and hands to others automatically leaves us susceptible to misunderstandings, but shouldn’t lead to breaks in a life long relationship. God understands that forgiving is hard, but is important for people, that’s probably why he asks it of us. He forgives our sins, can we do any less?

Lord help us to give the compassion that we expect from others. Help us to be a forgiving people and to forgive others without reservation. Help us to show the love for others that you showed on the cross, as you forgave the thief on the cross and those that crucified you. Amen

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