Our Plans are Not His Plans

imagesMany are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails. – Proverbs 19:21 (NIV)

I think God put planning in our DNA to confuse us. I used to lay awake and mentally line up my jobs for the next day.When I woke up, my day was already organized. I didn’t to that yesterday. Waking at seven yesterday, I let the dog out and cool air floated in the patio door. Right then, I decided I to prune the Chestnut trees overtaking my garden. The summer’s heat, even in the morning prevented me from doing outdoor work. These trees had grown a healthy eight feet, despite the heat. The cool air was inviting and I was and my pruning shears were in my back yard before eight o’clock. I felt blessed, I got to follow through on this plan. I had the debris carted out to the curb before nine. Maybe I was blessed because I got up before eleven. Who knows? Who’d think I’d feel blessed by being able to prune trees. I’m starting to learn to plan moment to moment. I never know when God will need me to help someone.

We have the free will to plan things, but God changes things quickly. Like me, you may get a phone call because someone needs help, a ride, or just to talk.Your mind starts thinking about your ruined plans, how long will it take, and what part of the day can you salvage? We only have a nano second for these thoughts. Face it the day is no longer yours; it’s now God’s day. God challenge us, until we are willing to drop things, when he needs us. Somehow, he helps us manage to accomplish his needs and ours. We can turn someone down, but not out of anger or frustration. God only wants the best for us and for those we do help in His name. He will keep pruning us, just like I pruned the trees. Stop and let each day take care of itself. I try to because if I don’t, I stress myself and I’m not giving out of love, just duty. 

Lord help us to remember that when you put another in our path to answer with love and compassion. We may be the only person who does on that day. Help us to remember to give out of love, not duty.