God’s Purpose for Our Life

Do Good to OthersUntil now you have asked nothing in my name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full. John 16:24

God and I are still working on my purpose in life. My journey has been a life long search, but has been a quiet adventure. I have lived through many rites of passage on the way.There isn’t a formula for me to follow for this experience. God watches each step of my way, as I ask and follow his lead. Where God leads me I have followed and I am enjoying the process. Have I always been happy with all the situations that entered into my walk? No! However I am sure there will be happiness and joy at the end.   

What do you look for from life? Do you want fame and fortune? That may not be what God wants for you or me. As you search for the purpose of your life, your list could be endless. In the end we all want to just be happy. And the surest way to recognize happiness for yourself is by being fully present in the moment. Ask God what he wants for you to fulfill your life. Stop and listen with your heart for his answer, as you continue your pursuit of happiness and God’s purpose for your life. We are all in this journey together. Ask and you will receive His answer.

Lord we are asking in this moment and in your name what your purpose is for us in this world. Whether young or old, we need to know. What do you need and want us to accomplish in your name. Guide us along this path of life and lead us to the purpose you have for us. We are listening and ready for your answer.